We establish an early dialogue and collaborate closely with our client on every step throughout the project. Following the initial briefing, we review demographics, competition, and goals among many factors, before we consider a solution. After realizing an effective concept, we sketch, execute, refine, and perfect.

Our mission is to match your message, communicate it succinctly, and deliver a product that is effective, timeless, and unique.


Graphic Design

With a plethora of styles, we consistently deliver effective visual communication. Concept and content is key, and our priority is to express your mission at a glance in lieu of fluff and excessive decoration.

Web Development

Our websites are vibrant, dynamic, mobile responsive, usable, and secure, and our range of talent ensures that each stage of development is effective and efficient.

Social Media

This is an important step for many businesses. To maintain enthusiasm from customers, businesses must continue to express sincerity and confidence in their own products and services. Social media has long ago replaced the street side peddling and door to door approaches, and we can help discover ways to establish enthusiasm and personalized charm in any circumstance.


Our help and with the initial concepts and feedback during the construction process delivers a stunning final product.


From tee-shirts to hats to handbags or anything we can imagine, we'll ensure that your message is clear from the moment we render to the time it is seen by potential customers or clientele.


We have an eye for imagery, and if we are under-equipped for the task at hand, we work with several local award-winning options to capture our concepts in the best light possible.

Meet the Team

3 designers extraordinaire will ensure that your goals are met in a timely and effective manner.

Greyson Rudd

Name: Greyson Rudd

Aliases: Grudd, Me

Age: Old

Strengths: Graphic Design. Front-end Web Development, Animation, Copy Writing, Social Media

Languages: Designese, CSS, HTML, Actionscript

I love to make things, drawing inspiration from both the beautiful organic scenery that surrounds me to to the printed, digital imagery and spoken turn of phrase that one can find in all facets of life. I enjoy spending time with and absorbing energy from my twin daughters (10 years of age). I read a lot of classic literature, especially science fiction, and I also keep track of global technological trends and, for better or worse, political and current events dialogue.


Name: Plooper

Aliases: Plooper

Age: Older Than Me

Strengths: Graphic Design. Front-end Web Development, Usability, UI Design, Common Sense

Languages: UI Designese, CSS, HTML

Plooper is a lifelong friend of mine, and fellow LB graduate who has developed and who works on many user interfaces that you may be familiar with, but that we can’t mention here. He is extremely skilled at paring down any interface to something usable and logical, and prioritizes efficiency into accessing information.

Kyle Brown

Name: Kyle Brown

Aliases: Kyle

Age: Undefined

Strengths: Front and Back-end Web Development, Security

Languages: CSS, HTML, JS, PHP, AJAX, Mysql, Beeps, Boops

I’ve worked on projects of varying scope with Kyle. Also an avid cyclist, Kyle is reliable, efficient, and we’re proud to have him with us to answer questions, fix things that we cannot confirm, nor deny that we have broken. He runs a successful and charitable IT support company of his own, based in Seattle.

Gorge Design LLC

I have been working to help businesses across the country make a statement for 18 years as Greyson Rudd Graphic design in a freelance/stay-at-home dad capacity. Gorge Design LLC was formed in order to offer more consistently diverse areas of expertise, including back and front-end web development, and to include quality usability standards and interface services. Thank you so much for viewing our work and considering Gorge Design for your marketing needs—Greyson