Best Holiday?

Halloween just may be my favorite holiday. Participation seems more optional than the more "established" holidays where I live. No candy on hand? Just turn off the porch light, and keep your head and voices down! Or, you can come up with a creative idea—be Muammar Gaddafi a week after the fall of his regime, be Lance Armstrong during the peak of the blood-doping scandal, or be more classic, say a man who was killed by a badminton smash, only to rise pitifully from the grave as a zombie. I love Halloween for that flexibility. I had the fortune of not only dressing as various infamous figures, but helping with the marketing of Stevenson's very elaborately decorated and professionally entertained Annual Halloween Party.

Our Concept

It's fairly straightforward—a step by step guide to goofy classic dance moves, performed inside a teetering castle backdrop. That's me as the Frankenstein Monster. Posterizing the lagoon creature is a tedious process and garners a lot of respect from me for the amount of detail in that rubber suit.