Our Client

CrossFit. Exercise as sport. In 2013 or so, it seemed that CrossFit gyms were appearing everywhere. For the uninitiated, it is a mutual encouragement exercise society, involving rapidly changing and high-impact dynamic movement over time where one typically pushes him/herself beyond exhaustion. Our local gym, Columbia Gorge CrossFit tasked us to help with the logo and marketing, and we were excited to participate. So the challenge was to provide a different take on CrossFit. It needed to be more inclusive, given the local demographic, and the typical bravado or imagery of equipment (that might not be recognized) needed to be toned down or avoided altogether.

Our Concept

In any case, CrossFit enthusiasts (and marketing) would need to help educate the local public to recruit new patrons.

We decided to go with something more abstract. It's sweat. It's pain. It's wet from the river. It's rain. It's a pyramid of progression. It's a mountain. It's dynamic, and ultimately appropriate and unique to the riverside gym that we frequented.