Our Client

Amy Morseburg, attorney at law and I go way back-high school days, when drive-ins were just barely open, let alone, profitable. She approached me in 2016 to develop logo for her new law practice, saying she wanted something bold and geometric, avoiding clichés like scales of justice, gavels and columned courthouses. I appreciated the challenge.


Amy Morseburg practices bankruptcy law, and I imagine her typical clientele are folks that feel a crushing weight of debt from all of its ugly and relentless collections procedures. We looked at "slavery of debt" among other ideas. Debt Slavery is metaphorical in modern times, but in ancient Roman times, one who was in debt was enslaved to his or her creditors. This concept seemed strong, but a little too specific, given the possibility that Amy could gain some partners and add some other disciplines to her legal organization. So I developed a 3x3 grid that says, in morse code, "help me".